About RAMP


RAMP, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, gathers and delivers unused HIV medicines at no cost to organizations overseas.

Under a doctor’s supervision, these organizations provide these life-saving drugs to patients who otherwise have no access to them. Donated medicines come from individuals, health professionals, and community groups.

Sometimes these medicines are provided to patients on a temporary basis, until they are eligible to receive government assistance. In other instances, in collaboration with other groups, RAMP may be the only source of medications.

All medications are provided free of charge to our overseas groups. Individuals may be asked by their organization to pay a nominal fee, but no individual is denied access if they are unable to pay. RAMP does not prescribe medications for specific patients or decide who will receive treatment. RAMP also provides condoms to our organizations.

RAMP formed in 1997 by Homer Hobi, an activist living with HIV. Since that time, RAMP has grown to serve thousands of individuals. All of our participants are volunteers. View RAMP’s IRS Form 990-N.

Board of Directors:
Howard Edelstein, President
Derron Thweatt, Secretary
Kirk Salanga, Treasurer
Anthony Anchundo, Volunteer/Events Director
Colombe Chappey, Director of Pharmacy

Contact us by e-mail at info@rampusa.org

Overseas recipients

Laura Rodriguez Foundation (Santiago, Chile)

Mother of Peace / Queen of Peace (Mutoko, Zimbabwe)